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Percy Shelley's "Ode to Heaven"
Analysis of "O Death, that is the Cooling Night"


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Heinrich Heines, O Death that is the Cooling Night, is a tragic poem where night coincides with death, and day resembles life. The person in the poem desires to only sleep, because the sultry day has made him tired. Life has made beaten and worn, and he now desires to die and dream of heaven. In his grave, where he is dreaming, he hears a voice of love, representative of a person he knew and now mourns for his return.

            It is no wonder that a man who knows his death awaits him will not cower in terror if he knows of heaven. This poem relates the Shelleys Ode to Heaven in that this feeble man must have clung to the idea of heaven to live life eternal, much like insects in a cave, as Shelley would say.

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